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AiBank collects and uses your personal information only for the following purposes as set forth in this policy.

Shooting and editing

1. Registration is not required to use this product. When you request network data (such as downloading information or connecting to iCloud to download and upload photos), we may need to collect your unique device identification number, device specifications, local language, geographic location, and time zone information to confirm the use of the device.

2. When you take or edit photos or videos, in order to provide you with the corresponding services, we may need you to grant permissions for the following terminals.

  (1) Camera, for taking photos and videos.
  (2) Microphone, for recording sound in videos.
  (3) Albums (iOS)/storage (Android) permissions, for reading and storing photos and videos.
  (4) Bluetooth permission, for connecting a selfie stick to take photos.
  (5) Software installation permission, for software updates and installations.

If you refuse to grant any of the above permissions, you will not be able to perform the corresponding functions. You can still use AiBank for other functions.

3.When you take or edit photos or videos, you will use your facial information. This information is mainly used to identify faces and the location of faces in photos and videos. Based on these positions, people can edit photos and videos by adding filters, stickers or other effects to them. This face data can only be used on your device, and we do not collect or store this information.

"一人一人のタレントを輝かせ、みんなで素敵なアイディアを創り出します。 こうして生まれた様々なアプリで、人々が思い描く新しいライフスタイルを実現していきたいと思います。"

- Maxxie Xue - HR


- Reika Wang - COO


- Alex Wang - CEO